Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why State Sanctioned Religion is the LAST Thing We Need

First, a distressing yet humorous look at modern televangelists. The very end segment cracks me up. I call this "Separation from Church and Money"

Did we or did we not first invade this country in search of religious freedom? Were not our leaders, some Christian, some not, overwhelmingly dedicated to the idea that all citizens should be able to practice whatever faith they chose?

Washington Post: "Congress's Bullying Pulpit"

PBS: First Amendment and the Founding Fathers

Wikipedia entry on the Founding Fathers

The Government is Secular

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DFV said...


But think again: these people are SCARY! They're base may be lock 'n load trailer trash, but they really do carry guns that shoot. Yeah, real bullets!

Hinn is coming to Australie and New Zealand. A simple piece of paper, however, might thin his audiences: require all people attending the healing session to sign waivers to medical records: everyone who gets "healed" would be liable for having their medical records assessed. And if anyone declares a "healing", follow-up tests must be done. Hey, if they have so much faith in Benny, you'd think they'd do that simple little thing!