Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Movies

Here is my list of the Top 10 major studio release that I want to make sure to see this year, in the order in which I want to see them (from most to least). I'll address some of the other major films coming out in 2008 very soon. Clicking on the title will take you to a site where you can view a larger or higher resolution version of the trailer or, if no trailer is available, to a site with information about that film.

1. Wall-E (6/27)
The last of the original Pixar concepts to be brought to life, the trailer looks fantastic. Story and character are always at the heart of Pixar films and this one seems to have a double-dose of both. Innovations like very little traditional dialogue and some live mix-in effects (although Lasseter says "not like Happy Feet") should make this especially interesting. I expect this to be in the top three best movies of the year, if not the best.

2. The Dark Knight (6/18)
Batman Begins was perhaps the perfect super-hero film and the trailer suggests that this one continues to hit all the right buttons. Ledger is genuinely creepy as the Joker in the previews, convey the proper air of psychopathic terror that the Joker should. This will be the best action film of the year.

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (5/22)
Although I don't have high expectations for this (although Karen Allen returns as Marion from the first film), there is no way I would miss it.

4. Bond 22 (11/7)
Daineil Craig! I don't need to know more. Casino Royale was the BEST Bond movie ever!!

5. Prince Caspian (5/16)
The second Narnia film boasts even more impressive visuals; the brief look at Aslan in the trailers is staggeringly real looking. The first Chronicle was overall done quite well; I hope the same holds true for the sequel.

6. Star Trek (12/25)
This remake should be interesting. I'm no Trekkie, but I'm interested to see what comes of this. Plus, the dreamiest Captain Kirk ever!

7. Cloverfield (1/18)
Giant monster destroys New York as told through the video cameras of the guys and gals on the street. Sold!

8. Iron Man (5/2)
The Batman and Spider-Man films have been the best of the modern lot of super-flicks (Superman Returns had some great moments but also some real problems), and the rest have fallen short at best. This one looks fairly promising, however. Downey as Tony Stark is brilliant casting.

9. Speed Racer (5/9)
Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer Gooooo! This looks like fuuuunnn!

10. Persepolis
This is a cheat since it was released this past December, but I would love to see this film adaptation of the graphic novels, which depict a woman struggling with fitting in based on her cultural and personal identity.


Bla said...

Steven Spielberg's new movie is called "Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull", not "Indiana Jones & The Temple Of The Crystal Skull". :) I can't wait to see it, but I'm also pretty excited about "The Ruins", "The Dark Knight", "The Lovely Bones" and "Diary Of The Dead".

Michael said...

D'oh! So noted and corrected! I will have to check out the buzz on those films you mention.

Reel Fanatic said...

Just wanted to say that I saw "Persepolis" last week and it definitely won't disappoint .. more than almost any other movie made from a graphic novel, it just moves seemlessly onto the big screen .. and the Dark Knight is gonna just rule!