Monday, January 21, 2008

Just a Clover Expression?

This idea had flashed in the back of my head and now noted comic writer Warren Ellis has noted something similar on his mail list, so here it is:

(Haven't seen it yet, need to soon!) Could Cloverfield be an expression of post -9/11 ennui? Or more precisely, is the huge chunk of cash it took in reflective of Americans' ennui with the continuing fear- and war-mongering, Bush regime lies and devisive tactics, Bush's arrogant and anti-intellectal rhetoric, decisions and positioning, and now our hopelessly entangled involvement in the middle east?

Might the citizenry be saying, "we just don't care any more; let's see New York get torn up in a fantasy I can enjoy because given the way the country is headed, it's going to happen for real all too soon?"

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