Friday, February 27, 2004

It's Up to You New York

Gay wedding mania continues to sweep the country. As announced Thursday, the mayor of New Paltz, New York performed marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. Twenty-one couples were married just a few miles north of New York city. Although Governor Pataki tried to have the ceremonies stayed, the state attorney general declined.

Governors just aren't having much luck with their attorney generals these days. I wonder if they're all getting, "not tonight governor, I have a headache."

I must admit that whatever the reason or final legal standing of these marriages, I'm enjoying this form of protest and display of support for gay rights. Plenty of people are getting upset over public officials not upholding the laws, but this ver much feels of the love-ins of the 60's and the non-violent protest tactics of Dr. King and others.

I engaged in a brief discussion with a radio personality who said that Mayor Newsom of San Francisco should be arrested. This person asked me if I would be upset if some mayor in Alabama flaunted the law and started arresting gay people because of their sexuality. Wouldn't I want this mayor stopped and arrested? Of course I would. I believe that if any of these elected officials are breaking the law, they should be prepared to face the appropriate legal ramification. However, it is still a far cry from marrying someone to throwing someone in jail for no legitimate reason. No person is being hurt in these marriages. The couples involved likely understand that their official status could be yanked away at any time.

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