Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Leauge of Their Own

An interesting point, if a bit ranty and not overly original, made by Robert Jones Jr. at Gay League, a site devoted to a gay comic collectors, mostly because the point is made during a review of a recent major comic published by DC (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.):

For the whole review, click here.

"Whole societies are founded on the misguided assumption that since women are, for the most part, not as physically powerful as men, they are naturally inferior. They are the "weaker sex." In order to come to such a conclusion, it is necessary to build a system that both values physical prowess and devalues those other human attributes, such as intelligence, creativity and spirituality (as separate from man-made religion), where the physically dominant may be rivaled or exceeded. I believe that this is why the average person can tell you how many home runs Sammy Sosa has hit, but cannot have a meaningful conversation about the physics behind it, nor can they discuss the socio-political or historical circumstances that may have guided Sosa, and others like him, towards the sport in the first place.

We exist in a place where it still seems perfectly legal, where it is considered logical and acceptable that women, on average, are paid 72% of what men are paid to do the exact same work; a place that only recently thought of women as citizens eligible to exercise their civic duty to vote or have a voice in government (in some places); a place where women are expected to cover their bodies, turn control of their biological and reproductive choices over to men, to serve Kings and to serve a male god who insists that Eve was created from the womb of Adam (even if that is a biological impossibility). We have the benefit of living in the most progressive and advanced society on Earth and yet, in the year 2004, we still have not chosen a woman to lead this nation and most studies say that if a female candidate were to run today, she would be overwhelmingly defeated on the sole basis of her gender. Women are not only expected to be the receptacles for man's collective and delusional bull$#!+, but they are also required to be so with fearful, Aunt Jemima-style grins etched into their faces. It is my belief that this negative view of all things feminine also explains, at least in part, society's particular, peculiar and overpowering hatred for male homosexuality, in which the male is perceived to take on those qualities thought of as female. "

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