Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It's Fun to Marry at the YMCA

According to Vh1's "Best Month Ever" show, the cowboy from 70's disco gay super-group The Village People has married. What, didn't know the VP were gay?

A little googling revealed this AP article:

NEW YORK - The cowboy from the Village People has gotten married. MTV News reports Randy Jones married acid lounge artist Will Grega Friday at a New York club.

Grega and Jones have been together for 20 years. Grega proposed that night and they were married on the spot.

Gay marriage is still illegal in New York state, but Jones says, "It's only a matter of time before the courts rule in favor of what's morally right and humanly decent." Grega, meanwhile, points out, "I have a lifetime membership to the YMCA."

It kills me not knowing if the perennially favorite wedding reception song "YMCA" was used for the happy copule.


Randy Jones said...

Hello Michael,
My name is Randy Jones and I'm the original Cowboy from Village People. Thanks for mentioning us in your blog. I've enjoyed reading your work. Congrats on your relationship with Peter. I thought I'd give you some satisfaction. Yes, indeed, "YMCA" was played at our wedding. And what's more, I'm a native Tar Heel and still keep a home there on the coast. I'm an alumni of UNC-CH and North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem.

Michael said...


You have just now become my all-time favorite Village Person!

Thanks for taking time to come visit my blog and your kind words.

If you're ever in the Charlotte area, let's get together and C-H-A-T! In a not-so-ironic twist, I'm currently working with the YWCA on a service partnership.

Best wishes to you and your hubbie!