Saturday, June 19, 2004

Gay Days

The following comes from a column from the Orlando Sentinel on June 9, 1999. It just made me laugh.

Well, I spent three hours at the big Gay Days bash Saturday at the Magic Kingdom and didn't get hit on once.

Nobody likes older men anymore.

After talking to David Caton of the American Family Association, I expected a San Francisco-style gay parade. In fact, there were more traditional families than there were gays. And all the latter did was mill around, looking hot, eating ice cream, socializing, a few discreetly holding hands. Kind of what we all do at Disney. If not for the red shirts, I doubt anyone would have known it was Gay Days.

But I must say the lesbians were completely out of control.

Two hugged when greeting each other by Cinderella's Castle, and a couple on the ferry boat exchanged a quick peck.

If I had had my camera, I could have snapped off a picture for Dave to put on his Web page. The American Family Association says the event is designed for Disney and gay leaders to acclimate children to the hedonistic homosexual lifestyle.

Well, they did a darned poor job of it. The only thing the kids probably noticed was that the adults were hogging the line at Winnie the Pooh.

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