Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Your Honor, I Present Exhibit A in the Case for the Gay Agenda


Bandanna-wearing lesbians stormed the national convention of the Concerned Christian Coalition April 17 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Seven women and one man burst into the conclave at the Coast Plaza Hotel, screaming, "Right-wing bigots go away, Gay Militia is here to stay."

According to the Calgary Sun, convention attendees held hands and prayed as the protesters unfurled a banner reading, "Liberation: Queer Invasion."

Police are reviewing tapes of the intrusion and may charge militia members with mischief or with disturbing a peaceful assembly, said Calgary police Constable Doug Jones.

******************** (news from Rex Wockner (where else do I get this stuff?))******************

People, please, do we really have to give people a reason to fear and hate us? Are people just not paranoid enough for you? What gives? Despite this completely irresponsible and banal act, I can't help but find a touch of humor that it was a group comprised solely of lesbians. Which isn't all that surprising because fatigues just are much too drab, dearie, for any self-respecting gay man to be seen in them.

Now if they'd just worn black, then it'd be kind of a Hefner thing. It says "I can fight all day in the jungle and in the evening, come in, put on some pearls and I'm ready for dinner." (with apologies to Robin Williams).


Wes said...

Thanks for your balanced thoughts here. If all of us in this country speak up in the proper settings, perhaps we will soon be heard.

Michael said...

Hey, Wes, thanks for the comment. I try not to deny anybody the right to express themselves the way they seem fit, but I'm also against extremism in any organization. It doesn't work; all it does is anger and polarize.