Saturday, May 29, 2004

Enya Face

Currently I'm listening to Enya's Orinoco Flow, which is really a fine, soothing piece of music. Unfortunately it has been forever tainted by an incident where I was kidnapped by the drunk ex-girlfriend of my roommate. Too drunk to drive herself, one of her roommates drove her to our apartment where she, on the edge of an emotional breakdown, asked me come over and visit. She then locked me in her room, lit candles, and played an Enya CD that repeated in an endless loop. She asked me to lay next to her (fully clothed) while she drifted off to sleep. No way I could possibly sleep and was horrified at the possibility of her trying to make a move on me (this is not vanity speaking; she had, at a previous incident, acted incredulous when I refused to invite her inside my apartment after having dinner with her). Luckily, she drifted off in a drunken stupor and I departed post haste.

See, now that's why I'm gay!


lmdenton said...

That's why your gay? Because some drunk girl tried to hit on you? If that was the case at least half of UGA or any big party college would be gay...silly boy.

Michael said...

It's a weird combination of drunk girl who's the ex-girlfriend of your roommate combined with Enya. Trust me on this.

And who's to say that half of UGA isn't? Lots o' gay boys around them parts. ;)