Monday, April 12, 2004

The Hand of Providence

According to, Providencetown is set to issue marriage licenses to out-of-towners without checking up on if their state forbids same-sex marriage. You may already be aware that a law passed in 1913 that forbids non-Massachusetts residents from getting married in Massachusetts if their home state does not legally allow it. The law was originally passed to restrict interracial marriage and hasn't been enforced in years. Many have been concerned that this law will be enforced come May 17 to restrict gays in DOMA states from coming to Massachusetts.

In a very surprising turn of events, officials in Providencetown said they will not check up on applicants if applicants claim that their state permits same-sex marriage. Other municipalities in the state may or may not follow this example.

I'm exceptionally happy about this news and hope it continues to stand. I have been skeptical of gay marriage becoming a reality so soon, but signs are now very positive. I thought that Mitt Romney might actually prevail in derailing the ceremonies, but he is almost out of options. Although Romney is currently trying to get a special appointee to plead to the court to delay their ruling, so he could still prevail. Hopefully it will be a long-shot, however, as this attempt is very unusual and exceptionally desperate. I have to agree with Rex Wockner who questions why Romney is so fervently anti-gay. Doth the governor protest too much?

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