Saturday, July 05, 2014

Trigger Warning: A Link Archive

"Christina Hanhardt's work on the concept of queer "safe spaces" - and the historical and political contours that define those as such - is worth looking at as well. What I find especially interesting about Ashon's work, and in juxtaposing that with Christina's, is how we're challenged to think about the basic questions: Who gets triggered? Who gets protected? And from what? How are triggering and protection raced, gendered, and classed? How does that work in a uni setting? In organising spaces (where it has, in my experience, often made it impossible to actually move forward in organising work)? There's a willingness to insist that TWs somehow protect people, but the larger question is: what are the political costs of that protection? What does "protection" really mean?" - Yasmir Nair, Facebook, June 24, 2014

response to Halberstam:

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