Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today, on the perhaps the most meaningful day of the Christian faith, the day representing the hope and salvation of ALL people, I'd like to point to what is certainly to be a rising surge of fundamentalist Christian lies and misinformation about and hate towards gays and lesbians. With the decision in Iowa, the passing of marriage in Vermont for same-sex couples, and DC's recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states, rabidly anti-gay sentiment has already started and will undoubtably increase towards an unbearable cacaphony of venomous noise.

It's already started with NOM's (National Organization for Marriage) much and rightly ridiculed new, fear-mongering ad of lies

Here is a brief but good response to the ad

Here is a slightly longer, better response to the ad

Mark Morford's scathing (and right on) review of the ad: Fear the Rainbow (SF Gate article)

Thom Hartmann takes on Brian Brian of NOM (video)

And a funny take on the dumb ad

Perhaps one of my favorite questions for fear-mongering fundies is this: Which type of traditional marriage are you supporting?
The Eight Types of Marriages / Families Found in the Bible
Bible Passages Against Marriage

By the way, the Bible doesn't address same-sex marriage. Not saying something about a topic isn't the same as condemning it. Go enroll in a basic logic course.
The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage

And while we're on it, let's see what the Bible says about the Gays in general. Love Mel White's point at the end that, hey, America isn't a theocracy....yet. So religious arguments against civil marriages need to just go away.
What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say About Homosexuality

When will so many Conservative Christians understand that God isn't as small and fearful as they are?

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