Monday, March 10, 2008

Stay Thy Hand

Christian fanatics would rather sacrifice the children of Charlotte and Mecklenburg county than pass anti-bullying legislation. Apparently more than willing to follow the tradition of Abraham, these homophobes are trying to lay not just the gay, lesbian, and transgendered children, but all children on the altar of religious hatred and intolerance.

In an effort to stop bullying, the CMS (Charlotte Mecklenburg School) superintendent proposed a new policy that would prevent harrassment based on any number of criteria. What criteria has (of course) drawn the most opposition and criticism? The inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression has drawn the fire of homophobes and religious zealots who accuse the school system of trying to set or at least setting the basis for whatboard member Ken Gjertsen calls a "pro-homosexual agenda." Gjertsen also objects because "'There's plenty of instances where (a gay student) could say, `I feel oppressed at school,' " he said. "I would like to see us define bullying to say someone actually has to be bullying you."

I wonder what he thinks bullying is. Did Gjerstsen actually finish high school himself? However, it's not too surprising that Gjertsen opposes the anti-bullying policy since he's obviously quite found of trying to bully gay people himself. Had he been slightly less PC, he would have just proposed open season on fags.

The superitentent stated that he believes that identifying protected groups that he will empower teachers, counselors, and staff to stand up for these children in a city where defending a gay or transgendered student could cost them their job and/ or reputation. Three school board members oppose the measure as do many in the community. Board member Kaye McGarry, like others, tries to explain away their oppostion to the proposal based on the concept that bullying is bullying and that all children should be protected.

McGarry has also stated that you are "either a boy or a girl" and that sexual orientation is "just a feeling." No matter how Ms. McGarry tries to hide behind words of inclusiveness, it's clear that she would have no problem with this bill if it did not include gays and transgendered students.

It's clear that what the opponents of the bill are trying to do is force their religion down the throat of CMS students and parents. They are trying to protect their bigotry. If passed, they would have to defend bullied or harrassed gay and lesbian students. They might have to stop spewing their anti-gay sentiments. They might have to fight for the oppressed, certainly not a modern Christian value.

One might suspect that even if they consider homosexuality a sin that they might demonstrate Christian values by acting to protect the sanctity of human dignity and the preciousness of life (gay and lesbian youth have higher than the normal teenage suicide rate). No, these faithful followers are conent to spill the blood of gay, lesbian, and transgendered youth on the rock of their false piety. I would ask that they realize the harm they are doing, that they would stay their hand and sacrifice their personal objections for the greater good of our children. I'm sad to say that unless others stop them, however, they will not hesitate to plunge their dagger into the collective hearts of all oppressed children.

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