Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Roll in the Hayes

I've thought a long time on my response to Robin Hayes, who I will be happily voting out of office in just a few days, my representative who is a co-sponsor of the FMA. I've got a few responses worked out, and I may share one, that are very political and argumentative. The best one, however, has come from Peter, whose devilish genius I adore.

Peter suggests that I forward to the local paper, the Charlotte Observer, the segment of Rep. Hayes's letter (see my post below "This Means War") where he states he "hope[s] we can work together" with a new letter that I compose thanking Rep. Hayes for his wilingness to contribute to gay activisim and issues. I can see the headlines:

Local Representative Pledges to Work on Improving Local Gay Issues

Robin Hayes Offers Support to Local Gay Activists

Congressman Concerned for Gay Constituents
I'm tempted to go through with this.

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